Bird und Leaves, Edelweiss, 13.8 inches, Quartz movement (classic style), Blackforest cuckoo clock

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Quartz cuckoo-clock in classic style, with handpainted edelweiss

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StyleClassic Style
Height12.2 - 13.8 inches
dimensions13.8 Inches tall
MovementBattery-operated quartz movement. The clock doesn't have to be re-wound every. Batteries are not included!
SpecificationStandard Q: The clock is completely made of wood, hand-made in the Black Forest.
Warranty2 years
Ready for shipmentwithin 5 working days

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Description: This quartz movement cuckoo clock combines the traditional wooden cuckoo clock with a battery-operated quartz movement. The clock doesn't have to be re-wound every day or every week. The cones / weights on these clocks are only decoration; the pendulum swings with the ticking of the clock. This is the classical bird and leaf design used for most of the carving clock models, with handpainted edelweiss. One central bird on top, the clock itself is framed by 5 leaves. Made in Germany.
Cuckoo call: At the full hour the cuckoo calls, the cuckoo door opens and the bird comes out, flapping his wings. The cuckoo call is controlled by a light sensor on the clock front. At the night the clock automatically turns to silent mode and the cuckoo is silent.
Weights: The cones / weights on these clocks are only decoration
Colour: walnut with handpaintes edelweiss (15)
Remarks: Height is from the top of the carving till the bottom of the carving. Batteries are not included!