Head of a deer and 5 Leaves, 8.7 inches, Quartz movement with music(classic style), Blackforest cuckoo clock

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Quartz cuckoo-clock in classic style with music, with head of a deer and leaves

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StyleClassic Style
Height8.3 - 9.8 inches
dimensions8.7 Inches tall
MovementBattery-operated quartz movement. The clock doesn't have to be re-wound every. Batteries are not included!
Musik movementThe clocks plays 12 tunes alternatingly.
SpecificationStandard Q: The clock is completely made of wood, hand-made in the Black Forest.
ExtrasDial, hands and weights are made of wood.
Warranty2 years
Ready for shipmentwithin 5 working days

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Description: This quartz movement cuckoo clock combines the traditional wooden cuckoo clock with a battery-operated quartz movement. The clock doesn't have to be re-wound every day or every week. The cones / weights on these clocks are only decoration; the pendulum swings with the ticking of the clock. This is the classical leaf design used for most of the carving clock models. One central head of a deer on top, the clock itself is framed by 5 leaves. Made in Germany.
Cuckoo call: At the full hour the cuckoo calls, the cuckoo door opens and the bird comes out, flapping his wings. The cuckoo call is controlled by a light sensor on the clock front. At the night the clock automatically turns to silent mode and the cuckoo is silent.
Weights: The cones / weights on these clocks are only decoration
Colour: walnut (01)
Remarks: Height is from the top of the carving till the bottom of the carving. Batteries are not included!