Block House, Hunter & Bear, 15 inches, House, Black Forest cuckoo clock

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8-day cuckoo-clock with music in house form. Block House, Hunter & Bear

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Height14.1 - 15.7 inches
dimensions15 inches tall, 12.8 inches wide, 7.5 inches deep
Movementhigh quality Regula movement, 8-day mechanical, clock has to be wound up only once within 8 days
Musik movementThe music box is Swiss made and plays two tunes: Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss.
SpecificationPremium MT: wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, pendulum, dancing figurines, mechanical night-shut-off, real cuckoo door hinge, antique-style chains, wooden know on night shut-off, nickel-plated chime spring (long life).
Extrasexclusive life-like wooden cuckoo
Warranty5 years
Ready for shipmentimmediately

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Description: Cuckoo Clock with 8-day movement (mechanical). With music function and dancing figurines, large hunter and bear figurine. This cuckoo clock is built after a block house. Especially the roof is fashioned after a forest log cabin. It consists of individual trunks, put together by hand. The decoration of the clock matches the wood cabin theme. A hunter with his dog, on the other side a large bear figurine. Both made of wood and hand-painted. All around the house are trees and further forest decoration. On the balcony, the dancing figurines start to turn as soon as the clock strikes and the music plays. This clock has an elaborate decoration, with wood hunter figurine, animals, many trees; altogether, a very convincing forest scene is displayed on the clock. All figurines and decorative elements are made of wood and are hand-painted.  Made of wood and manufactured in the Black Forest, made in Germany.
Cuckoo call: the coo-coo clock chimes (cuckoos) half-hourly; on the half-hour: one cuckoo, and on the hour: cuckoos the number of full hours
Weights: 3 x 1260 grams, fir cone shape
Colour: walnut  (01)
Certificate: Authentification certificate (VDS-seal) for genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest Clock Association
Remarks: Height is from the top of the carving till the bottom of the carving.