About us


We have very early seen the chances of the internet. Therefore we have opened our first internetshop (Black-Forest-Shop) in 1999. In this shop we offered worldwide, but mostly for the USA, typical products from the Black-Forest , like cuckoo clocks,  "Bollenhüte", etc.. Additionally we offered for our anglophone customers accommodations in typical hotels in the Black-Forest, our beautiful home country. For this, we operated about many years the website Black-Forest-Hotels. As an additional service for our anglophone customers we offered biker tours (with bike rental) through the Black-Forest. 

For our local customers we operated a restaurant guide under the website Gut-Essen-In. Additionally we operated different websites for associations in which they could register itself together with their events.  
A further main focus at the beginning of our company was the design and creation of websites for our customers.


Today we are specialized in online-marketing and for this we operate several Internet Shops with typical products from the Black-Forest, our beautiful home country. We offer these products local, as well as worldwide. Our shops are:

For associations we operate our popular websites:

Our assortment in our shops

We offer an extensive assortment of original black-forest cuckoo clocks and quarts cuckoo clocks. All of our clocks are characterized through:

  • Will all be manufactured in the Black-Forest
  • Have a 2-5 years warranty
  • Each of them is from highest quality
  • Our mechanical original black-forest cuckoo clocks are all VdS-certified

Our philosophy

We attach greatest importance to absolute customer satisfaction and we perform a lot to win this. We will reach, that you are satisfied with us and our services.